Naturopathy day in Braunlage

Lectures and applications for those interested at the Naturheilkundag Braunlage on May 29th

(April 29, 2010) The Independent Health Working Group Braunlage (UGAK Braunlage) invites you on May 29, 2010 for the second time to the naturopathy day under the motto "Rediscover health". The spa center in Braunlage opens its doors from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. to once again present interesting facts from naturopathy.

The event costs no admission and is aimed at medically interested lay people who want to deepen or expand their knowledge of traditional and modern naturopathic treatments. In addition to a wide range of information, On the subjects of learning, Schüßler salts, gentle back treatments, medicinal plants and "anti-cancer nutrition" according to the Coy principle, guests can experience the course and effectiveness of various naturopathic treatments up close in trial applications and demonstrations. The Naturopathy Day is rounded off with Qi Gong & Klang in the foyer.

Those who are in the mood for classical music can then listen to works by Brahms, Schumann and Shostakovich in the church at Himmelpforte in Hohegeiß as part of the 5th Braunlager Maikonzerte. (JV)

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