Study: eating makes children stupid

Study: industrially produced ready-made meals make children stupid. In contrast, a healthy diet promotes cognitive performance

Children who eat a wholesome and healthy diet tend to be more intelligent in later adulthood than their peers, who mainly ate ready meals in their early childhood. This is the result of a study by the University of Bristol.

Eating decides on mental abilities Eating in childhood crucially determines how strong cognitive performance is in later adulthood. Apparently, eating influences the development and development of brain areas. At least that says a study by the University of Bristol, which was presented in the science magazine "Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health". Accordingly, a natural, balanced and vitamin-rich diet promotes brain growth. In contrast, the predominant consumption of industrially produced foods, which include Contain a lot of sugar, fat and artificial vitamins, leading to lower intelligence in later life.

Study data from around 4,000 children evaluated In the course of the long-term study, the scientists and social physicians observed the development of around 14 thousand children who were born in 1991 and 1992. From the age of three, parents were asked about their child's daily diet using a questionnaire. At the age of eight, the researchers carried out an intelligence test on the children to measure the skills and thinking they had acquired. The scientists also divided the children into three groups. In the first group were the children, who mostly ate ready meals from the food companies. In the second group were those who ate mostly traditional food. Traditionally in this context means a meat-rich diet with a small proportion of vegetables. The third group included those who ate a lot of lettuce, vegetables, fruit, whole grains, pasta and rice during their childhood. Since subjects quit the study for various reasons, the data of around 4,000 children could be fully evaluated.

Better cognitive performance through healthy eating After the evaluation, the research team came to astonishing results. The more children at the age of three who ate ready-made industrial meals, the lower the later average intelligence quotient (IQ). The more the children ate unprocessed food such as fresh fruit and vegetables, the higher their intellectual ability. The type of diet, however, only affected the children up to the age of three. In terms of developmental psychology, the most important cognitive skills are formed in the first three years of life. The study authors also confirm this. "The effects of eating habits in early childhood on the brain and behavior persist into later childhood, even with subsequent changes in diet." Parents who fed their children primarily with healthy, natural and wholesome food also promoted optimal brain growth. (sb)

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