Milupa is recalling milk powder for infants

The precautionary food company "Milupa" is recalling individual batches of milk powder for infants of the "Aptamil" and "Milumil" brands from German retailers. According to the manufacturer, in two samples intended for the Hungarian trade, increased vitamin and mineral values ​​were detected in the laboratory. To protect consumers, individual batches are now being recalled from the trade.

According to the Frankfurt company, however, no excessive values ​​were found in Germany. Nevertheless, an immediate return campaign had been initiated in coordination with the health authorities in order to protect the children, as was emphasized, "as a precaution and with a special responsibility".

In the worst case, diarrhea and vomiting
According to a Milupa spokeswoman, infants would reject the affected products due to their smell and taste and would not eat them. If the powdered milk is consumed for a longer period of time (more than 5 to 7 days), constipation, nausea and vomiting as well as diarrhea are at risk. If symptoms appear, parents should definitely see a pediatrician.

Not all milk powder products are affected by the recall. The company has set up an information telephone especially for the recall campaign. Consumers can ask specific questions about the batches concerned. The numbers are: Tel. 08000-373737 or 0800-7375000. Consumers can return the goods to retailers and have the purchase price reimbursed upon presentation of a receipt. You can find an overview of the affected Milupa batches here.

High vitamin levels dangerous for child health As the company does not report how high the exceeded values ​​are, the recall campaign should be taken seriously. A high intake of vitamins or minerals over a short or long period of time can not only cause isolated symptoms, but can actually provoke long-term consequences and serious damage. If, for example, the vitamin A value was massively exceeded, growth delays, liver damage and rheumatic complaints can occur in the worst case. (sb)

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