Medical Homeopathy Program 2012 published

Medical Homeopathy 2012 of the German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors (DZVhÄ) has been published

This year, the annual program of the German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors (DZVhÄ) is dedicated to the subject of science and research in homeopathy. Experts have their say here, such as Dipl.-Stat. Rainer Lüdtke from the Karl and Veronica Carstens Foundation in Essen, who provides an overview of the studies on clinical research on homeopathy in his article. The physicist Dr. nat. Stephan Baumgartner from the University of Bern. Baumgartner does basic research and wants to understand the mechanism of action of homeopathy. "For me, homeopathic medicines are a phenomenon," he says in an interview. Successful in practice, "but at the same time I do not know of any theory that could explain the specific effectiveness of highly diluted homeopathic medicines in the context of today's science," says Baumgartner - that drives him.

At the center of the 116-page booklet is medical training and further education, special chapters are aimed at medical students, pharmacists, veterinarians and dentists: How is the training for the additional title homeopathy or the training for the homeopathy diploma of the DZVhÄ? Which further training are recognized for the diploma and the selective contracts homeopathy? How are quality circles found and which literature does the DZVhÄ recommend reading? The answers are in the 2012 annual program. In addition, as usual, there is a lot of useful information and tips about homeopathic practice and an overview of the structures of the German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors and its fields of work. In an interview, the chairmen of the DZVhÄ, the doctors Cornelia Bajic and Silvia Nuvoloni-Buhl explain the goals of the DZVhÄ. The oldest medical association in this country is today a modern professional association that takes care of a variety of tasks of professional interest representation, such as the receipt of homeopathic medicines, the quality of homeopathic further education and training, or the presence of homeopathic billing figures in the GOÄ.

The annual program 2012 of the DZVhÄ can be ordered free of charge at the DZVhÄ office, Am Hofgarten 5, 53113 Bonn, Tel 0228 2425 330, fax: 0228 2425 331, email: [email protected] or from the DZVhÄ website www.welt- can be downloaded. (pm)

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