EU-wide emergency number 112

Only one in four knows the EU-wide emergency number 112

A single emergency number 112 for medical emergencies and fire services has recently been installed in the European Union (EU). But only one in four Europeans surveyed knows about it. This was the result of a survey conducted by the EU Commission, which was published on the occasion of the European emergency call day.

Only one in four in Europe knows that an EU-wide emergency number with the telephone number 112 applies in the event of medical emergencies. The level of awareness has only risen by a few percentage points since its introduction to 26 percentage points today. The EU-wide emergency number 112 is to make it easier for travelers and vacationers to make an emergency call. In order to make the emergency number better known, the EU Commission plans to launch numerous campaigns. Many countries also have other numbers, such as Germany. In order to notify the police there, those affected dial 110. Whoever swaps the numbers in the event of an accident is nevertheless not rejected. The police forward the emergency call to the fire department control center accordingly.

Emergency call also in German In many countries it is also possible to make the emergency call in German. In addition to the predominantly German-speaking countries such as Austria or Luxembourg, this is also possible in countries such as Belgium, Italy, Hungary, Holland and Bulgaria. An emergency telephone call in English, however, is possible in all countries of the European Community. In Switzerland, the emergency call can be made in German, but the EU number 112 does not apply there. Instead, those seeking help choose 117 for the police, 118 for the fire service and 144 for an ambulance.

Emergency number 112 EU-wide free of charge and always available There is no charge for calling the emergency number 112 anywhere in the EU. The number can also be reached around the clock and on weekends. In addition to the EU, countries such as Montenegro, Turkey and Croatia have decided to take part in the project. Ukraine wants to set up the uniform number 112 at the venues during the World Cup.

While 112 has long been the emergency number for fire brigades and ambulances in Germany, the number as an EU-wide emergency number is still relatively unknown. In the survey, the level of awareness rose from 22 percent at that time (2009) to 26 percent today. In order to make the number better known, the EU Commission has won numerous companies and initiatives that from now on want to actively promote the EU emergency number. These include, for example, transport groups such as Air Berlin or the General Automobile Club ADAC. (sb)

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