German AIDS aid calls for more research

World AIDS conference ends without major breakthroughs

During today's World AIDS Conference in Washington, Deutsche Aids-Hilfe (DAH) signed a declaration naming nine important measures “to end the AIDS epidemic.” Admittedly, HIV prevention Already very successful in Germany in international comparison, but "Germany has to step up its research efforts considerably", emphasized Carsten Schatz, board member of Deutsche Aids-Hilfe.

According to Carsten Schatz, the World AIDS Conference "has set an international signal for the cure of HIV infection" However, if Germany remains as reluctant to fund research as before, "we run the risk of being left behind"; so darling continue. This is despite the fact that some promising approaches to AIDS therapy have been developed in Germany.

AIDS, a mostly avoidable consequence of HIV infection Overall, according to Deutsche AIDS-Hilfe, no world-class results were achieved at the World AIDS Conference, "but they did set important signals." For example, UNAIDS director Michel Sidibé emphasized that the existing treatment options should by no means be played off against the approaches of prevention. "Information, advice and interventions against discrimination are and remain essential," quotes Deutsche Aids-Hilfe from the UNAIDS director. "AIDS is a mostly preventable consequence of HIV infection today. Although we will have to wait longer for a cure, we can actually treat the disease break up, if we let everyone share in the success of therapy and prevention, ”emphasized DAH board member Schatz. "Whether this succeeds is a question of political will - worldwide, but also in Germany," continues the expert.

End of the AIDS epidemic possible In Germany, especially in terms of research efforts, a lot more is possible and necessary, according to the position of Deutsche Aids-Hilfe. The existing good approaches, such as the so-called “molecular scissors” developed at the Heinrich Pette Institute in Hamburg, which HIV can remove from infected body cells, should be further expanded, according to Carsten Schatz. In order not to lose touch with HIV research, additional funding is required. Joachim Rüppel, spokesman for the campaign against AIDS, agrees. Rüppel emphasized that "the HIV epidemic can only be suppressed if there is a political will to assume global responsibility." To break the supply of essential medicines, ”said the spokesman for the campaign alliance. (fp)

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