Artichokes for digestive problems

Artichokes for digestive problems

Fewer and fewer Germans work from Monday to Friday
fixed working hours. Every fourth employee does Saturday, night or shift work instead. This places considerable demands on the organism. Sleep and indigestion are often the result. Herbal medicines can provide effective help here.

Working against the bio-rhythm disturbs the digestion above all: The irregular food intake and the wrong eating at the wrong time irritate the internal clock and often lead to complaints such as bloating, feeling of fullness and pain in the upper abdomen (above the navel). They are considered to be the characteristic sequelae of disturbed fat digestion due to a lack of bile flow.

Extracts from artichoke leaves have been shown to increase gall formation. As early as 1994, an investigation showed that the amount of bile juice after administration of a high-dose extract from the leaves of the so-called royal artichoke (artichoke extract LI 220), which was specially cultivated for medicinal purposes, is significantly higher than after taking placebo.

In a non-interventional study in doctors' offices in Berlin, the aim was to investigate the extent to which taking standardized artichoke leaf extract (test name LI 220) can help shift workers with digestive problems.

73 women and 32 men who suffered from digestive problems due to night or irregular food intake took two capsules of the herbal medicine twice a day for six weeks.

The results: The total score of symptoms of “fullness”, “flatulence” and “quick feeling of fullness” decreased during the treatment from 8.53 to 3.63 points.

The total number of accompanying symptoms such as “sleep disturbance”, “tiredness”, “listlessness” and “exhaustion”, which the patients complained about, fell from 8.08 to 4.22 points. 86.1 percent of patients also said that their artichoke extract improved their quality of life. (kfn)

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