TCM against overeating

Holistic concept offers help with metabolic syndrome

Obesity, high blood pressure, increased blood fat and blood sugar levels - four factors that together as a metabolic syndrome increase the risk of stroke and heart attack. Above all, physicians see obesity as the fundamental cause of the so-called deadly quartet, since it can develop all other factors. Today, every second adult in Germany is overweight. "Do more sport and eat less!" Well-meant advice, but without therapy, people often cannot get out of the vicious circle of overeating and lack of exercise. Chinese medicine offers help here. As a holistic treatment concept, its five pillars, Chinese nutrition, medicine therapy, acupuncture, Tuina and QiGong, have a positive effect on the illness-causing influences and make it easier for those affected to change their lives.

Chinese diets draw attention to aspects of malnutrition and lead to a reorientation of eating habits. “Our affluent society eats too much, too hastily, at times and has forgotten how to taste right. The use of sugar, meat and dairy products is beyond reasonable measure. Food is cooked for too long and its aromas, flavor enhancers, sweeteners and cream imitations change it so that the tongue and nose can no longer recognize what is good and what is bad for the metabolism, ”says Dr. Christian Schmincke, TCM expert, general practitioner and head of the clinic at Steigerwald, the western food culture. Comprehensive nutritional advice based on the principles of Chinese dietary therapy leads those affected in therapy to a balanced nutritional balance. “For example, if you can, lie down for five minutes before eating, because your spleen and stomach work best when things are relaxed and cozy,” says Dr. Schmincke from many years of experience. With evening fasting, something warm for breakfast in the morning, a few meals and the absence of raw food, the diet also knows other nutritional advice. Too much meat and dairy products also promote the accumulation of mucus and slow tissue cleansing, which in turn favors high blood pressure and elevated blood fat and blood sugar levels from the perspective of Chinese medicine.

Since Chinese medicine considers all life in context, TCM experts coordinate nutrition and other therapies. Chinese medicine therapy with individually selected herbs, tubers and roots is therefore also used. Depending on the plant components, they set the metabolism in motion, improve the body's perception of satiety or stimulate digestion. Doctors monitor their effects and adapt the recipe to the patient's changed mood. Targeted needling of the acupuncture points supports all metabolic performance. QiGong and gentle body therapies relieve tension and strengthen the body's clarifying function, which improves blood circulation.

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