Protein helps against high blood pressure

Study: Protein helps against hypertension

Eggs have long been demonized as an unhealthy food, especially a supposed cholesterol bomb. However, thanks to a new study that sees protein as an effective supplement to medicines for high blood pressure, its image should improve again.

Protein building block similarly effective as medication At a meeting of the American Chemical Society in New Orleans, researchers have now released their new evidence of the positive effects of protein on high blood pressure. According to the results of the laboratory tests, a substance contained in the egg white lowers blood pressure almost as well as a low dose of the blood pressure drug captopril. This medication, a so-called ACE inhibitor, is used for cardiovascular diseases. "The protein component peptide RVPSL" was examined for the study. In previous studies, scientists had discovered its effects, which, like drugs, block the action of a certain enzyme (ACE) that increases blood pressure. According to study leader Yu Zhipeng, protein "can be a useful supplement to high blood pressure medication in the future because of its special effects".

Eggs better than their reputation The results of the studies may also contribute to a better reputation for eggs as part of the diet. Previously, eggs had to be largely avoided because of cholesterol, but other findings have become known in recent years. For example, the American Chemical Society said that many people do not have high blood cholesterol levels.

Dangerous high blood pressure People who already have high blood pressure in their families are generally at an increased risk of developing it. Other risk groups are overweight, smokers and diabetics. These people in particular are advised to measure their blood pressure regularly. Values ​​from 120 to 80 are considered normal, with permanent measurements over 140 to 90 there is high blood pressure (hypertension). Without treatment, serious illnesses can occur: the blood circulation in the legs and the eyesight could be disturbed and in the worst case there is a risk of stroke or heart attack. Experts warn that the kidneys, like almost all organs, could be affected.

Healthier life It is important, once you have determined that the blood pressure is too high, that the lifestyle is adjusted accordingly. Quitting smoking or at least restricting it, avoiding alcohol and table salt as far as possible and exercising regularly and continuously are extremely important. You can also reduce your blood pressure by losing weight, and protein can also help, as scientists from the University of Copenhagen have found in the most extensive diet study to date. It is also important to carry out a medication check. There may be medicines that can increase blood pressure. (ad)

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