Confirmation of 2nd coronavirus case in France

Second confirmed case of coronavirus in France

In France, it was confirmed that a second patient had the new corona virus. According to the authorities, the patient's condition is "stable but serious".

Contacting the first infected After the all-clear was given yesterday in new suspected cases in France, the Ministry of Health in Paris announced on Sunday that a second patient had contracted the new corona virus. The two infected had shared a hospital room before the diagnoses, as they say from Paris. The patients are isolated in a hospital in Lille. In the 65-year-old first infected, the condition was "stable, but still serious." No typical symptoms were initially visible in the new patient. Four other suspected cases had not previously been confirmed. These were people who were in contact with the first infected person: a doctor, a nurse, another patient and a relative.

Origin on the Arabian Peninsula Many coronaviruses are harmless and only cause a cold, but the World Health Organization has been warning for months about the beta-corona virus 2c EMC / 2012, which has so far hardly been researched. The virus belongs to the same family as the SARS pathogen. A few months ago, however, Prof. Clemens Wendtner from the Schwabinger Clinic in Munich said: "The risk of infection cannot be compared." He further explained: "But the mortality rate among those affected is very high." Experts assume that one is likely to develop animal reservoir located in the Arabian Peninsula from which the diseases originate. Animal reservoirs such as bats are very typical of coronaviruses. (sb)

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