Pacemaker: Caution with electrical devices

Pacemaker: Magnetic fields can interfere with the defibrator

Patients who have implanted a pacemaker should keep modern devices such as smartphones or tablets such as the iPad far away from them. Especially when lying down, it could happen that users fall asleep and the devices land on their chests. The result can be life-threatening heart stumbling or rapid heartbeat.

People with an implanted pacemaker should not use electronic devices such as cell phones or tablet PCs lying down. There is a risk that the user falls asleep during use and the device is placed on the upper body. Dr warns of this Norbert Smetak from the Federal Association of Resident Cardiologists (BNK) in Munich. According to the cardiologist, there is a risk that the defibrillator will turn itself off due to the influence of the magnetic field and will no longer react in the event of heart problems.

The physician warns: "The pacemaker will no longer start automatically if the patient begins to experience a life-threatening heartbeat." Therefore, the recommendation is: "Wearers of a pacemaker keep electrical devices at least 15 cm away from the body." (Sb)

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