Digestion: artichoke instead of schnapps

Nutrition coach advises artichoke instead of schnapps

Many people are enjoying Christmas cookies and mulled wine right now in Advent. Petra Faustka, nutrition coach from Vienna, told the Austrian courier how to keep the stomach stress low in the run-up to Christmas.

Stomach problems after too many Christmas cookies If the stomach squeezes due to too many cookies or because of a fat roast goose, acupressure can help. To do this, one should stimulate the point four thumbs width above the navel with circular movements. Heartburn and regurgitation are also common after too many biscuits, punch or hearty dishes. There are numerous home remedies for heartburn, such as chamomile tea. Faustka recommends rice congée for two to three days. For this, a cup of rice, whether white or brown rice, or a mixture of both, is mixed with eight cups of water and boiled. Then cook the rice gently on a low flame for one to two hours. The rice soup should be eaten unsalted and at the end of the cooking time, carrots, celery sticks or apple pieces can also be cooked.

Time pressure and Christmas celebrations negative for the Qi The expert also believes that too much time pressure and Christmas celebrations easily knot the so-called Qi (Chinese for "life energy") in the body. The consequences of this are stomach pressure, stomach pain, headache or feeling tired. Faustka advises that pressure be applied to the point between the big and second toe, about 1.5 thumbs away from the space between the toes, because this can cause stagnation in the body. Then there is a feeling of lightness and the head is free again.

Against diarrhea or to stimulate the digestive system In the case of diarrhea, the expert recommends massaging the belly with ginger juice counter-clockwise, then rubbing your hands warm together, placing one hand on the navel and the other on the lumbar spine, as this could reduce the warming energy flow through the entire lower abdomen. Common home remedies for diarrhea are blueberry tea and Schüssler salts. If, on the other hand, you want to promote digestion, help a bitter tea after eating, such as green tea or dandelions, according to the nutritionist. Peppermint tea or dried orange peel also stimulated the digestive system. You can also make these yourself by drying untreated orange peel in the oven on low heat. They are suitable for infusing a tea with it or for refining compotes.

Dates and walnuts as a source of energy A warm breakfast is recommended to warm yourself up on cold Advent days. For this purpose, the grain should be roasted dry, add a small piece of ginger and then pour boiling water on top. Proven energizers are dates and walnuts. The nuts strengthened concentration and performance. In Faustka's view, dates strengthen the “middle” and nourish the heart.

A glass of artichoke juice to digest In order to support the liver and to help digest fatty foods, it advises a small glass of artichoke juice. Also ideal after a sumptuous meal is kuzu, a climbing plant that is widespread in Asia, the roots of which provide a solid binding agent. Dissolve a teaspoon of kuzu in a quarter of a liter of cold water, let it stir briefly and then drink it lukewarm. This warms the stomach and lines the stomach and intestinal walls. The body is also warmed from the inside by cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. These taste very delicious, especially in Christmas spice cookies. A beet soup with ginger, cumin and root vegetables can help with falling asleep. (ad)

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