Kale becomes delicious when it is cold

Cold makes kale sweeter

Winter time is kale time and the hearty classic is served at many festivals. After the first frost, the vegetables, also known as brown cabbage or cabbage cabbage, only start to become tasty. It increases its natural sugar content, the colder it is and the longer it has to withstand the frosty temperatures. This also creates its tart, sweet taste.

A true vitamin bomb With its vitamins A and C and the minerals calcium, potassium and magnesium, it is the ideal vegetable for strengthening the immune system during the cold season. The official season runs from November to March. Fresh kale should have plump, dark green leaves that give way under slight pressure. For storage, it is advisable to store the cabbage unwashed in the refrigerator at around 2 to -2 ° Celsius. Then it retains a fresh aroma and crunchy consistency for up to five days.

If you want to grow yourself in your garden, you will not have any major difficulties with these robust vegetables. It also thrives on soils that are poor in nutrients. You should only choose a different location if it is grown regularly. The Association of German Vegetable Growers (BDG) recommends growing it together with beetroot, spinach or radicchio. However, you should be careful not to plant cruciferous plants in the immediate vicinity. Nothing stands in the way of the classic "cabbage and pee time". (fr)

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