Study shows benefits of radon and heat

Study proves benefits of radon and heat in arthritis

Rheumatism affects almost 22 million people in Germany and Austria, making it one of the major common diseases. A common form of inflammatory rheumatism is rheumatoid arthritis, also called chronic polyarthritis. The disease is based on a chronic inflammatory process that attacks cartilage, bones and ligaments. Despite all the advances in research into drug treatment, the disease is still not curable. In addition, this form of therapy has considerable side effects and risks. In addition, not all patients respond to this treatment, strong pain medication is often unavoidable, the quality of life drops significantly. For this reason, patients often look for alternative forms of treatment. A new study confirms that healing tunnel therapy with radon and heat not only relieves pain, but can also have a positive effect on the disease process at the molecular level.

“At the beginning of the disease, there are usually unspecific symptoms such as fatigue, exhaustion, loss of appetite and weight loss,” says Univ.-Doz. Dr. Bertram HölzI, medical director of the Gastein healing gallery. Later, patients usually complain of pain, swelling, overheating, redness and restricted mobility of the affected joint. In addition, rheumatoid arthritis is characterized by nocturnal and morning joint pain, morning stiffness of the joints and swelling in the finger and middle joints. Since the disease is caused by inflammation in the joints, arthritis patients often help with what is known as radon heat therapy. It reduces pain and inflammation in the body.

With such a cure lasting several weeks, patients drive several times into a thermal tunnel 600 meters underground. There is a special climate there. In addition to tropical temperature and high air humidity, which relax muscles combined with rheumatism, the noble gas radon works primarily. It occurs naturally in the earth's crust of the tunnel and reduces the activity of pain messengers and relieves inflammation. The latter phenomenon was only recently investigated in a study: the slightly radioactive radon enters the body via the skin and lungs and reduces inflammation-promoting molecules in the body of arthritis patients. At the same time, radon increases the number of molecules that prevent inflammatory processes. "In some patients, this effect starts at the end of the course, in others it is delayed after a few weeks," explains Dr. HölII. "Patients describe pain relief or even complete freedom from symptoms, which often lasts for months." Radon heat therapy also has a positive effect on bone metabolism.

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